Fiction by

Christian Blake


The Coming ©Christian Blake

It is two in the morning.

The thundering rain has relentlessly hammered my thoughts and emotions for the past two weeks now. I believe he knows the dreary effects dark weather has on the human mind, for his chosen path of flight cuts through storms of the greatest magnitude.

The despair this weather brings is subtle and erodes my thoughts at the deepest level, the roots of my subconscious. Yes, he has learned a lot since he has been in our world, too much I fear. I can only hope that I am strong enough to cope with the darkness this weather commands over me and be ready for our duel. He has turned out more clever than I anticipated, which is the very same reason he was able to overpower us.

The people he destroyed over these few months have fed him with knowledge of frailties of the human psyche. I fear that through these victims his powers have increased to such a degree that he will annihilate me when our confrontation finally comes about. I can only hope this is not so.


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